Cisco Controller Certificate failed to validate

I'm using these instructions

However, when I get to the part transfer download start, it gives me,
sshpmAddWebauthCert: failed to validate certificate

I have downloaded an installed Openssl 9.8.
I have created my two files mykey.pem and myreq.pem.  I have copied myreq.pem to godaddy.
I have copied and paste the device + intermediate + root together in All-certs.pem.
I have done the openssl command to create All-certs.p12.
I have done the openssl command to create final-certs.pem.

When I upload the final-certs.pem file to the cisco controller I get failed to validate.
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Craig BeckCommented:
Ok, what model is the WLC?  That code is quite old and might not support chained certificates.

Have you read this?
Craig BeckCommented:
This sounds like the certificate chain isn't complete.  What version of code do you have on your WLC?
kevingattisAuthor Commented:

On the Cisco Controller it shows software version
kevingattisAuthor Commented:
Thank you, it work.  

We had another cisco controller 2504 that had a newer software version (7.4) and the certificate worked.

I need to pay cisco some money so I can get the latest software version for the one I'm working on.

Thanks for your help, been going around in circles for 3 weeks on this.
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