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Need to read Adobe XML form data into VB.NET Dataset

When user clicks the submit button on an interactive form, the corresponding email sends a xml data form to the intended recipent.  Need best way to interpret the XML form data and import it into a VB.NET dataset table then save the table back to an Oracle database.
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Karl Heinz Kremer
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If you are already using some server processing of the data, it would make sense to change the forms submission from an email based system to a direct submission to a web server. This way, you can process the XML on the server and do whatever you need to do with it. Going through email just complicates things. If you also need an email as a notification that new data was received, you can also send out an email from your server software, adding the data in a more human readable format than XML. This way, the recipient knowns that John Smith submitted a form, and does not have to parse XML code to find that out.
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Hi Karl,

Thanks for the quick response!  

Unfortunately, there is no middle tier server to process the xml data.  There will be an operator to take the xml attachment from the email and manually upload the data into a dataset.

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Hi Eric;

Well then read the XML data into your program and convert it into an XML document then you could use Document objects to fill your DataSet/DataTable.
I like the XMLDocument object, but is there an easier way to do this using the ReadXML/WriteXML methods?
I'am sorry I do not know XML Document Object model well enough to answer. I only started using XML when Linq to XML came out so I never bothered learning it because it was much easier to learn and work with Linq and XDocument. Maybe someone will drop in that may be able to answer your question.
What can you do when the ReadXML method doesn't work?
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Eric Burton
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Fastest way to convert the XML data into a readable format for VB.NET