Export Group Membership, with the group name in out put

I am using dsget to export the group membership from AD groups.  When only 1 group membership is needed the script works well.  Now I need to export the group membership from 15 groups.  I can easily get the group membership into a single csv file.  Here is what is missing from the exported info.

The group name.

After exporting the 15 groups memebers, I have a list of user names, without a group name.  What would be ideal is to some how have the group name and the user name in the same record.  

Output Now
<List of AD Group 1>
"CN=First Name,OU=Users OU,OU=Upper OU,DC=Domain,DC=local"
"CN=2nd Name,OU=Users OU,OU=Domain Users,DC=Domain,DC=local"

<List of AD Group 2>
"CN=3rd Name,OU=Users OU,OU=Domain Users,DC=Domain,DC=local"
"CN=4th Name,OU=Users OU,OU=Domain Users,DC=Domain,DC=local"

Desired Output
"ADGroup1","CN=First Name,OU=Users OU,OU=Upper OU,DC=Domain,DC=local"
"ADGroup1","CN=2nd Name,OU=Users OU,OU=Domain Users,DC=Domain,DC=local"

"ADGroup2","CN=3rd Name,OU=Users OU,OU=Domain Users,DC=Domain,DC=local"
"ADGroup2","CN=4th Name,OU=Users OU,OU=Domain Users,DC=Domain,DC=local"

I am using a windows batch file with a for loop to export all 15 group memberships.  
FOR /F "eol=; tokens=1,2 delims=#" %%i in (GroupList.txt) do (
    DSGet Group "%%i" -members -expand
I am open to suggestings for using other programs to do this export.

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Hi, I'm no good at batch, but this Powershell script should do the job for you as well.



Get-Content GroupList.txt | ForEach {
    $GroupName = $_
    Get-ADGroup -Filter {Name -eq $GroupName} | Get-ADGroupMember | Select @{n='Group Name';e={$GroupName}},DistinguishedName, Name
} | Export-CSV GroupMembers.csv -NoTypeInformation

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epmmisAuthor Commented:
Thanks.  I am a power shell novice.
Can the power shell script be configured to loop throught a list of group names from a text file?.
There are 15 groups to process.  
I would to output the group list into 1 file.
Yes, in the code above, GroupList.txt is the input file, and GroupMembers.csv is the single output file.

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epmmisAuthor Commented:
I put this group into the grouplist.txt file.
"CN=MyGroup,OU=My App,OU=Windows,OU=Top,DC=domain,DC=local"

Here was the result.
The term 'Get-ADGroup' is not recognized as the name of a cmdlet, function, scr
ipt file, or operable program. Check the spelling of the name, or if a path was
 included, verify that the path is correct and try again.
At C:\ListExport.ps1:3 char:16
+     Get-ADGroup <<<<  -Filter {Name -eq $GroupName} | Get-ADGroupMember | Sel
ect @{n='Group Name';e={$GroupName}},DistinguishedName, Name
    + CategoryInfo          : ObjectNotFound: (Get-ADGroup:String) [], Command
    + FullyQualifiedErrorId : CommandNotFoundException
In GroupList.txt, it is searching by Name, so you only need the group name in the file. If you want to search for the full DN, change
{Name -eq $GroupName}
{DistinguishedName -eq $GroupName}

First though, you need the ActiveDirectory module. You can either use PSRemoting to get the module from a DC

And then in the script, change Get-ADGroup and Get-ADGroupMember to Get-RemADGroup and Get-RemADGroupMember where Rem is the Prefix you set when importing the module.

Or, you can install RSAT onto your machine.


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