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Printing issue in MS Dynamics GP

I want to be able to use the "Send to" feature when printing checks to both screen and printer. The button is present when the screen output is visible, but the button is grey'd out. We've fixed this before, but it was a long time ago and I can't recall what we did. Please help. Thanks.
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Norm Dickinson

There is probably an .exe file that needs to be restored. In our system it is located in the local folder on the workstation. Once you find it you may want to make it an exclusion in your antivirus program.
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Hi Norm. Thanks for the feedback. Can you be more specific as to this .exe file? Name of the file and/or the local folder it needs to be in? Thanks :)
In our case it was called checkprint.exe, but it may be something different in yours. We use a software customization that was written on a Dynamics GP backbone, but it is nearly a standalone program. It was in the same folder that the executable was installed in to launch the software.
Hi Norm, I appreciate the feedback, but this doesn't seem to apply. I can't find a "checkprint.exe" in the local folder of any user. Perhaps it's from another version or had more to do with your specific customization. I'm not sure.

Still have this issue. Thanks.
Can you compare the folder in the workstation that is having the issue to a folder in a working machine nearby? Maybe there is a file missing but it would be unlikely to have the same name as the one we use.
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That's a tough one. Good luck!
Found out from one of my MS Dynamics techs that the version of GP is use (9.x) is not compatible with Outlook 2013. No real solution except to go to an older version of Outlook or a new version of GP. Neither of which are workable at this time.