Scan Barcodes and Sync to Remote Folder


We need to be able to scan barcodes "On the Run" and send the Data back to Head Office.
See Below for Details.

I've got no idea where to start - Can some one point me in the Right direction or put me onto some one to give a Quote on setting it up?

1.      Ability to select 4 options BEFORE scanning (4 Check Boxes so you can select one or more)
2.      When a Barcode is Scanned it records
   a.      Barcode
   b.      Date and Time
   c.      The results of the 4 Checkboxes
3.      It then saves the Data in Text File in a Folder that is Synced to a Folder in the Head Office. (The Scanner will be in Range of a BlackBerry Phone so if the Scanner could save the file on the Phone we could have Dropbox Loaded on the Phone to sync the Data)
4.      The Checkboxes are unchecked.

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Aaron TomoskySD-WAN SimplifiedCommented:
check out these, you can use a website or have someone write you a simple app
The most obvious way to go is to buy devices intended for this purpose. there are loads of portable 3g barcode scanners/PDAs that can do this kind of thing and can send the results by e-mail etc.
Get in touch with a local firm who can provide this kinda stuff and get some quotes.

google '3g barcode scanner' for a starting point.
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