Archived old email / no change to size of OST file

Hi - I have a user that has a 38gb ost file - I archived about 10gb it, yet the ost file is still 38gb. I was under the impression that when you archive, it shrinks the ost file. Any help would be appreciated.
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JohnBusiness Consultant (Owner)Commented:
See if you can see the properties of the OST file in the left hand tree of Outlook. Then Data File Properties, Advanced, and click on Compact. This is a large file, so it will take a long while to compact. No, it is not automatic.
Archiving data shrinks the used space within the file, it does not shrink the file's size unless you run the compact process.
Delete the OST file and it will rebuild to a smaller file. But as it is so large make sure you have enough time to do that....

If this is a stationary PC, an OST file doesn't make much sense anyway. In that case I would disable cached mode. OST files are only of some use if you don't always have a network connection to the exchange server, for laptops which are often offline for example.
hodgemAuthor Commented:
that did the trick - thanks!
JohnBusiness Consultant (Owner)Commented:
@hodgem  - You are very welcome and I was happy to help.
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