Refresh a parent page from a child iframe, with codebehind

two pages
1. Parent page = "default.aspx",   lable = "lblUserName"
2. iframe = "login.aspx", "btnLogin"

(all my authentication works, using FormsAuthentication for ticket, I am having difficulty populating the label with the username)  

1. I want to get the default page to reload so,  "onload"  i can get and display the username; or

2. some how update the label on the parent page "default.aspx" and get it to render when the login button on the child iframe "login.aspx" is clicked,

Thanks for the assistance.

Edit:  2015 0310 0619, I think window.opener.location.href= ''; my be what I am looking for, still searching
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David Johnson, CD, MVPOwnerCommented:
basically you can't since my browser only cares about the item in focus .. remember that web traffic is stateless
SamCashAuthor Commented:
This clarified the issue, and did a conventional design, Thanks
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