powershelll get number of mailbox users per OU one level down

Is there a way say that if you are given a certain top OU level EX: Microsoft.com/users/CA folks/ you will get a total of users per OU like this

Microsoft.com/users/CA folks/LA Office 26
Microsoft.com/users/CA folks/Burbank 102
Microsoft.com/users/CA folks/Ontario 54
Microsoft.com/users/CA folks/Inglewood 15
Microsoft.com/users/CA folks/Encino 88
Microsoft.com/users/CA folks/Anahiem 65
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Jian An LimSolutions ArchitectCommented:
the other way is
$OUs = Get-OrganizationalUnit  
foreach ($OU in $OUs) {
write-host $OU $(get-mailbox -resultsize:unlimited -OrganizationalUnit $OU).count

your way is much simplier :)
mine is more complex for no reason

Give you a thumb up :)
techdriveAuthor Commented:
thats ok was looking for a quick answer but found the answer by playing around

get-mailbox -resultsize:unlimited -OrganizationalUnit "OU name" | group-object organizationalunit | select name, count | export-csv
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