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What to test after each FSMO role transfer to different DC/GC ?


I'm about to perform FSMO role transfer from my old Windows Server 2003 Physical box into the 2012 R2 and some 2008 R2.

The steps will be using the official steps from Microsoft:

But what do I need to test for each of the FSMO role after the trasnfer to the new DC/GC ?

is this below testing enough:

Domain Controller Diagnostic Utility
dcdiag /v /c /d > C:\TEMP\dcdiag.txt
AD Replication Diagnostic Utility
     repadmin /showrepl
      repadmin /replsum
      repadmin /queue
Show the current FSMO role
     netdom query fsmo
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Distinguished Expert 2019
Run dcdiag and the rest of the commands you listed first to make sure you currently are not having issues with replication.  
As far as what to do after the transfer, you can rerun dcdiag to make sure it remains without errors.
Are you transferring schema, rid master, fsmo?


yes, all of them.
into separate domain controllers VMs.


what about the exchange server mail flow ?
is there any effect on that because all of the DCs old and new are all listed in the Global Catalog servers that Exchange 2010 is using.
Distinguished Expert 2019
The exchange server queries the dc without regard to which is the master of any specific role. you probably have, but making sure that all your DCs are GCs as well.

Are you transitioning all physical to VMs?

You would decommission a DC at a time. Allowing for the data replication.
Are you transitioning the exchange into a Vm as well?


The exchange servers are all VM already.

yes I'll do the FSMO transfer one by one per day and then decommssion one per week.
Distinguished Expert 2019
The transfer of roles can be done at the same time where the current master/s are functional.
The master status of a dc  in any particular role does not impact the mail flow.

decomishioning DCs  should be done one at a time allowing for convergence/stability.
Will SzymkowskiSenior Solution Architect
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Just additional detail, make sure that before you decommission your domain controllers that none of your clients or servers (i.e Exchange Server) is pointing to these servers for DNS. If this is the case there will definitely be an impact to production.

Make sure that the DNS IP's used are pointing to your 2012 DC's (DHCP and Static nodes).



Thanks !