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Any ideas/recommendations on how to send out a VM blast to all business accounts over Verizon/ATT/Shortel networks?

Leaders of my HR and Communications department have requested the ability to send out VM blasts over our internal VoIP and mobile telephony networks. I can't recall ever hearing about this type of functionality being available and at least not without some additional hardware/software configurations. Has anyone implemented anything like this? If so, how'd you go about doing it?
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Two ways,  

    You could send an SMS / E-mail to all your contacts with a Wav file in it, or a short message to call (Number) for a voice mail from the CEO.   Did this one with an Asterisk Announcement for a group that was shutting down an offering and wnated to ensure that every user got the message.

     You could build an box like NewFies dialer and load a list of numbers to call and deliver a message to.


     Very long shot but many current systems of VM have a Blast option, you might be able to leave three messages one on each platform, but I doubt that will work for your cellular carriers.



Thanks for the information. That will certainly get me moving in the right direction. I've also been pointed towards Twilio as an option. Are you familiar with this service?
Yes, I am. But I have not used it before --