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Dear Experts,
We have 7 ESXi hosts in our network. As part of the contract we need to return back two of the existing ESXi machines to our vendor. I have to migrate the guest VMs on these two machines and distribute them to the rest of the 5 ESXi hosts.
Could you please suggest me the tools, online resources etc. available for this task.
The hardware is HP ProLiant DL 580, 380 machine and VMware version is 4.1 through 5.5.
Thank you very much.

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Alessandro ScafariaInfrastructure Premier Field AdministratorCommented:

Veeam is the best "time saving" tool in your case (with or without SAN) :-)

About your other issue, your vendor (HP) comes with an awesome tool to help you with in your "consolidation sizing" task:


I would appreciate your feedback about it....

Let me know....
Alessandro ScafariaInfrastructure Premier Field AdministratorCommented:
Do not waste your time :-)

1. Download a Veeam Availability Suite Trial from there:


2. Perform a VM Quick Migration Job following this guide:


3. You're done! :-)

4. Don't forget to buy the license :-)

Let us know...
Carlos IjalbaSenior SysadminCommented:
Well the VMs are stored in DataStores, which I suppose are on a SAN, so you only need to do a vMotion to the rest of hosts.

If the hosts are not linked, then you can use VMware converter to export the VMs as OVF/OVAs, and import them in the other hosts.

Andrew Hancock has good tutorials on how to migrate VM from hosts ESXi. Try looking at his HOWTO tutorials on VMware.
jramprakashAuthor Commented:
Thank you Carlos. We don't have SAN and all the hosts are standalone machines.

Could you please advice on best approach for Hardware sizing. I want to check if existing machines can take the load. We need to either recommend management for additional resources (memory, storage) on existing hosts (or) buy a new host. Thank you very much
jramprakashAuthor Commented:
Hi Alessandro,
  Looks like Veeam is a good tool for this job. We have standalone hosts in our environment and do not have SAN. Does Veeam still work for us?
 Also, could you please point me to any sizing tool that will help determine the additional resources I need to add to the existing 5 ESXi hosts to accommodate these additional guests? Thank you very much.

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