Exchange 2013, FQDN for UCC SSL

I have a Exchange 2013 coexisting with exchange 2010, I purchased a UCC SSl cert from Godaddy. to find out you will not be able to use .local on the cert. If I do the cert will expire in November, Wasting 2 years and three months of a valid cert.
I was told there is a workaround for exchange 2013, But can not find one specifically for exchange 2013 running on windows 2012. anyone?
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Cliff GaliherCommented:
Not a workaround. A fully supported scenario. Exchange has powershell commands to change the various URLs that exchange uses and has had since exchange 2007. Simply change the URLs for EWS, OA, autodiscover, etc. The specifics depend on your topology choices, but there is plenty of documentation out there.
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