I want a cost effective way to incorporate texting into my application.

I want a cost effective way to incorporate texting into my application. I will be texting about 5000 messages per month and I am hoping to keep the cost under $100 per month.  I looked into a SMS service but the cost was pretty high, $200 - $300 per month. What software(API) and modem do you recommend for a Windows based server? My software is written in c# and I am proficient with SQL server.
matthew phungAsked:
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Gary PattersonVP Technology / Senior Consultant Commented:
Well, if you're willing to keep your list of providers updated, you can just do it yourself for free using email to sms gateways provided by almost every carrier.  This isn't as 100% method, as the following articles explain, but it may do depending on your requirements:


Or you can use a service like Amazon's Simple Notification Service, which offers push notification services through several methods, including inexpensive SMS:

Bill BachPresidentCommented:
Most text services also support receiving messages via Email.  You may have to check with the individual companies to determine the right format.  For example, AT&T supports a format like: ##########@mms.att.net.  However, this makes it REAL easy and avoids the need for a separate SMS gateway.
Hi Gary,

Thanks for that info.  I was intrigued, but from what I can tell, Amazon's SMS option is just for some parts of the USA, and the email-to-text options are not free in my country (New Zealand).

I welcome any comments on this.

Gary PattersonVP Technology / Senior Consultant Commented:
Unfortunately, I've never needed to send text messages to New Zealand phones.  Suggest you open a new question that specifically mentions NZ in the title.
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