Block all traffic from any given country , Sonicwall pro 2040

I have a SonicWall with the following

 Model:      PRO 2040 Enhanced
    Firmware Version:      SonicOS Enhanced
  ROM Version:      SonicROM

I want to block all traffic from Russia, lots of spam ;(

Let me know my options , i know newer SonicWalls have Geo-Ip option but i am not sure if this is available for Pro 2040 ?

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If the 2040 had the Geo feature it would be located under Security Services -> Geo-IP Filter. But I don't think it does.

I don't have access to a unit that old, but the only other thought is to block by ip address or range.

If you are still paying for subscriptions on the 2040, you might consider upgrading to an NSA220, which is substantially faster than what you have, and will provide what you are looking for.
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