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My brother in law works for a company that has an admin that simply won't change the current server to use ssl or even simply a different port than 25.  so naturally when he is home or on the road, 80-90% of the ISPs will block 25,and he can't send outbound email.  Right now he is using an ATT account with his home service that allows him to add his work email to the "list" of email domains he can send from using his att login information.  

He took advantage of faster cable internet with Charter as well as cheaper, and it turns out charter only allows you to send email as username@charter.net.  If you use their smtp, it does send, but no matter what you do, the "from email" address is always the charter.net account.

So anyone where to do this with charter or have a recommendation for a paid service that will do this?  Volume is regular business use, so I would guess 150-200 a day, give or take 4k-5k a month, no news letters, just regular mail correspondence.
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Jon BrelieSystem ArchitectCommented:
Correct.  Google will login to the work server as if it is you.  However, you can link to that same mailbox via alternate ports, so 25 doesn't have to be available to the end client.
Jon BrelieSystem ArchitectCommented:
First:  that email admin should be fired.

Second, you can do this via Gmail.  Gmail will actually handle to pop connection to the office so it shouldn't be blocked.

configuration info here: https://askleo.com/how_do_i_route_my_email_through_gmail/

The nice thing about this is that you could then hook a local client like Outlook to Gmail using alternate ports, so you wouldn't even have to switch clients.  I suggest setting up a new Gmail account for this so mail does not get mixed in with an existing account.  IE: BrotherInLawWork@gmail.com

Google will then act as the intermediary between the local client and the company mail server.
tsaicoAuthor Commented:
I thought they didn't allow it anymore,  After checking it out, it looks like they still don't "allow" it, rather it logs into the company email as you, then sends it out as normal as if Google was you, even if it is over port 25.

And as for that admin, while i agree, he should be fired.  I have come across a lot of lazy admins, but he probably takes the cake.  Half the time when people call in for help, he tells them to "Google it".
tsaicoAuthor Commented:
This is what I needed!
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