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Sharing YouTube video on Facebook - force https thumbnail?

Chris Millard
Chris Millard asked
I have a hosted website running Wordpress and a plugin that places recent posts from my Facebook page and Twitter feeds onto a specific page.

I am trying to move my site to using https. It is on a dedicated IP with a private SSL certificate.

If I share a YouTube video onto my Facebook page, although the link to the video itself may be an https link, the thumbnail image always appears to be from the non-secure YouTube URL

This is the YouTube video in question in this instance:-


When I paste this URL into Facebook, the thumbnail image that is shown is:-


Subsequently, when the plugin loads my social media feeds, my site loses it's padlock because of the YouTube image.

Is there a way to force thumbnails from https://i.ytimg.com rather than http://i.ytimg.com ?
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is the link that I got when I click on the thumbnail properties
Look at the url= properties:-


It seems to be this that is causing me the problem.
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I can view the image on https too, but when I'm sharing a YouTube video to Facebook, I don't get given an option to embed the https link - it automatically uses the http link and that it the cause of my problem.

I could of course remove the YouTube link from my Facebook timeline, but that defeats the object.
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