windows live photo acquisition wizard has stopped working error message

When I plug my iphone 5 into laptop and try to import new pictures and videos i get the following message. "windows live photo acquisition wizard has stopped working".  I have to close the program.
Kevin JudgeAsked:
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Uninstall windows live essentials and re-download windows essentials from here,
Yes those error messages really don't give any hints as to what the problem is.. These are usually because windows doesn't know.
Just a thought, if your iPhone is running low on battery windows Live acquisition wizard may encounter a problem and for safety stop the transfer.
Are there lots of images?
You may have to wait a little for everything to update and catchup?
Could you have a look at your reliability monitor for any errors.
type into your search reli then wait a sec it will appear at the top click on that you'll get a graph with any errors  reported over a period of time, click on any errors for more info.
How do you connect your iphone to your windows? Is it a laptop or desktop?
windows 7 or windows 8?
Laptop on battery only no ac?
Can you transfer from USB folder?
See how to manually transfer iPhone pictures to computer (Windows 7)
Kevin JudgeAuthor Commented:
Sorry for delay, been sick.
I have Windows 8.1 on compaq laptop.  I have uninstalled live essentials and installed windows media player.  Tries to create libraries of pics/videos/music but just keeps crashing!!!!!!!!
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Any crash errors we can see?
Kevin JudgeAuthor Commented:
When I plug my iphone 5 into laptop and try to import new pictures and videos i get the following message. "windows live photo acquisition wizard has stopped working".  I have to close the program.
Ok that doesn't give me anything to work with as I cant see your device.
Or have a look through any error?
The error message with any information can help such as the reliability monitor or events errors?
Have a look in control panel administrative tools events errors applications or under windows
How to use the Event Viewer to troubleshoot issues in Windows 8.1
( video)
try these
Resolving Problems with Windows Live Photo Gallery
Kevin JudgeAuthor Commented:
Faulting application name: PhotosApp.exe, version: 6.3.9600.17418, time stamp: 0x5458237f
Faulting module name: mfmp4srcsnk.dll, version: 12.0.9600.17483, time stamp: 0x545c1ca3
Exception code: 0xc0000094
Fault offset: 0x00000000000aaedf
Faulting process ID: 0x1480
Faulting application start time: 0x01d06592f3d0487b
Faulting application path: C:\WINDOWS\FileManager\PhotosApp.exe
Faulting module path: C:\WINDOWS\System32\mfmp4srcsnk.dll
Report ID: 7c4f2759-d186-11e4-bf0b-28924a2488a5
Faulting package full name: FileManager_6.3.9600.16384_neutral_neutral_cw5n1h2txyewy
Thanks Kevin
option one
 run this fixit tool, it downloads to your download folder open that and run it.
run app troubleshooter to fix the corrupted app. To run the automatic fixit you can click on the below link
Option two,
To refresh your Windows 8.x system, go to Settings > Update and Recovery > Recovery. Then under "Refresh your PC without affecting your files," click the Get started button.
How to give your Windows 8 PC a clean start with PC Refresh
Everything you need to know about refreshing your windows
Kevin JudgeAuthor Commented:
Refresh seems a bit of an extreme measure and a pain.  All i'm trying to do is upload pictures from iphone to laptop!?
Hi Kevin
 I concur
 since you asked about windows live photo acquisition wizard I didn't offer other suggestions until we have covered that..
Are you using USB connection Kevin?
Go to your Computer the Mass Storage device should be listed there as a drive letter
 you should be able to just copy over the images from this folder, same with a digital camera or USB thumb drive?
Is Itunes also being used with your IPhone5?
Could be that iTunes is also connecting  at the same as WL Photo viewer causing the lockup,
when you first connect your Iphone wait then check your taskbar.

To drill a few simple tests,You can open windows photo viewer? yes / no
If you can have you tried the import from a device?
can you open windows live moviemaker? yes  /no

If you can't open windows moviemaker this can possibly happen if you are using an outdated version or some files under the Windows Live folder are corrupted.
Windows Live is a suite of tools including windows photo viewer. windows moviemaker . windows live mail. windows live writer. Onedrive.
The version I am using is 2012.
Go to File top left in photoviewer/windows moviemaker above the camera expand the arrow and then about in both
Photo viewer versionwindows live versionTo resolve this, I suggest you reinstall Windows Live using the latest version.
this one is the offline version.
Have you tried using icloud?

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Err... There are something wrong on your Windows I think. Actually you can use some 3rd party managers to transfer photos from iPhone to laptop. So you can skip to the Windows live photo. You can google the softwares like FonePaw iOS Transfer. You can also transfer some files to save the memory of your iPhone 5.
There is the tutorial
You can have a try!
贝琪 陈Commented:
In this situation, maybe you could upload a  dr.fone-Transfer. Because I'm using this and it helped me a lot:
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