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Alternatives to Backup Exec 2012


I am looking to see what alternatives there are to Backup Exec. I have been using 2012 and it is poor. This would be for a new infrastructure consisting og:

1 Domain Controller - Windows Server 2008 r2 Physical
1 Mail server - Exchange 2012 - Physical
1 Hypervisor with 2-4 VM's - Server 2012 with Windows Hyper-V - Phyiscal Box
1 Backup Server - Physical for this install.

Any ideas would be great

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any thoughts on budget? could you be more specific on why you feel BE is poor?

Veeam is worth a look for what you need, as is Acronis but without knowing your budget and what you dislike about BE, it's hard to offer useful advice.
Backup Exec is known to work for a few days and decide that it doesn't want to backup anymore resulting in endless calls to their tech people :-) I have had endless problems believe me. Budget is not a problem, its more the product and how better it is compaired to BE. Also is Veem good for both Physical and Virtual.
Philip ElderTechnical Architect - HA/Compute/Storage
We utilize StorageCraft's ShadowProtect. We have been doing so since BUE dropped the ball on us after a catastrophic failure at a client's site many years ago.

We have had some pretty spectacular recoveries as a result of ShadowProtect and the Hardware Independent Restore feature that allows us to restore the OSE (Operating System Environment) to _any_ hardware or virtualization platform.

Others will chime in for other vendor's products but we are 100% happy with ShadowProtect.
If possible, virtualize your servers and use Veeam :)
Fair enough.

Well, Veeam is def worth a look, as is shadowprotect (I agree that's not a bad option) but to be honest many of the providers at this level are similar to BE. As we havent really drilled down into whats wrong with BE, i suspect you may be equally unhappy with Veeam, shadowprotect or acronis.
If you really want to just up in quality you're looking at the big players, like Commvault. As you say budget isn't a problem this may be worth looking into.


Plenty of choices