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dhcp lease duration -- best practice ?

I currently have about 50 desktops, 50 iPhone,
50 laptops, etc with a 24hr dhcp lease duration
on my Windows Server Domain Controller.

 1. OK to drop this down to a 10hr dhcp lease duration ?
 2. What is the recommended dhcp lease duration ?
3 Solutions
Your network is small enough that you should have no problem dropping it down to 10hrs, even 8hrs.

check the link below for a few DHCP best practices.
Paul MacDonaldDirector, Information SystemsCommented:
24 hours is pretty short, unless you have a lot of devices that come and go.  Even then, I'd just increase the pool of IP addresses.

In the Microsoft world, a default lease is for 1 week.   Clients will attempt to renew the lease after 50% of the lease time has expired.  Consequently, on a Microsoft network, clients renew their leases every 3.5 days.  

With a lease time of 24 hours, your clients are renewing their leases every 12 hours.  The amount of network traffic this generates is not inconsequential, but may be necessary if your address pool is small, and you have a lot of devices that request and release addresses frequently (laptops, phones, moving in and out of the office).  

Still, with 150 devices, you could set up a DHCP pool of 255 addresses and give each device an IP address good for 1 month and have plenty of addresses left over.  Unless there's a strong reason for recycling your DHCP addresses, not only would I not advocate shortening your lease time, I would strongly advocate lengthening it.
Natty GregIn Theory (IT)Commented:
1 week is the default time frame for leases, however if you have and rotating shift and each shift is say six hours then you give leases base on the time of the shift so as to free up ip addresses, however with 150 devices on your network, there is still 100 ip addresses still left in the scope if u expand the scope
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