Issue with Outlook

This issue has me completely stumped.

One of my clients is having an issue where Outlook freezes when certain e-mails. Here are the troubleshooting steps I have taken.

1. Uninstalled Outlook 2007 and installed 2010
2. Created a new profile with a new .PST and imported her old .PST into it
3. Created a new profile with a new .PST and imported only the e-mails causing the issue
4. Repaired the .PST using the SCANPST file.
5. Repaired Outlook
6. Checked for malware and came up clean
7. Ran Outlook in safe mode

What is weird is every email that gets sent to her from certain people are always 3mbs in size. Which doesn’t make sense because they are all just plain text. There are no attachments, pictures, etc. Just 5 to 10 small sentences.
I had one of the senders send me an email to my exchange account and everything worked fine. The size of the e-mail was normal as well. I setup her e-mail on my laptop inside of Outlook 2007 and everything works fine. What is keeping me from just wiping her PC is I had the sender send an email to another user in the office and it caused her Outlook to lock up as well. It is not just from one sender. It is from 5 different ones. The only thing I can think of now is their network is causing the issue.

I was wondering if any of you had any ideas on where to begin.
Thanks in advance!
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William FulksSystems Analyst & WebmasterCommented:
Do the emails have a theme attached, like how people add backgrounds and junk to them? I wonder if it's trying to pull in a bunch of custom stuff.

I've seen this happen one time with email confirmations from an airline. The message was extremely heavy with a bunch of HTML and graphics and it would choke the system while it downloaded all those bits and pieces. I even called the airline's tech support to see if there was an option to get the confirmation sent as a PDF or something and they wouldn't do it.

If the client is pulling in a bunch of external data, it could also be something with the AV getting hung up. Check running processes and see if anything besides outlook.exe spikes while trying to open one of those messages.

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LamboOKAuthor Commented:
There is no theme that I can see. When I setup her POP3 account on my laptop. The same emails that are 3mb on hers. Are around 25kbs on mine. So it's only on her machine that the e-mails are large. What is weird is they are all the exact same size. And 3mbs is pretty large for an email. I am currently connected to the same network she is on and it seems to be working fine. I just don't understand why it happened to the other user as well.
Rob HensonFinance AnalystCommented:
Have you done a full Anti Virus definition update and full scan of the affected PCs?

You may not be able to see something attached to the email but some viruses can be very clever and be disguised.

If your machine is up to date with virus definitions, maybe yours is cleaning it on receipt so size is shrinking.

Are the other senders in some way related that they may have inadvertently shared the virus between them?

Rob H
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LamboOKAuthor Commented:
I have ran a full Malwarebytes custom scan and it found nothing. She is running ESET Smart Security 8 and it is up to date. As far as being related to the sender I don't have a clue. He is supported by another IT company. I wonder if it is ESET that is causing the issue. I learned the other day that it happened again from a different sender. ESET seems to be the only logical explanation. Unless it is the firewall on the router.
Rob HensonFinance AnalystCommented:
Just realised, by related I didn't mean as in Family I meant from the same work group or team.

Rob H
LamboOKAuthor Commented:
I don't believe so. They are attorneys working together temporarily.
William FulksSystems Analyst & WebmasterCommented:
Go to Outlook Options - M ail and change the message format to Plain Text.

Send a plain text email to one of the problem senders, then ask them to reply. It should come back in plain text. What's the size of it then?

Next, change the format to HTML and do it again. Compare the sizes.

Another thing to check under Mail - Message Format - see if the box "reduce message size by removing format information not necessary to display the message" is checked. It normally should be.
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