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how to see if a particular patch has been applied to my Esxi host


I wouldl like to have powercli script to check if a particular patch has been applied to all of my esxi host.

The patch number is ESXi510-201412101-SG
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Alessandro Scafaria
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This worked for me:

Let me know....
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doesnt work for me , i dont have root username and password to esxi host. I was hoping using powercli to vcenter will give me what I need.
I don't know if I'm pushing you anymore.....Can you reset your ESXi root password or you're forced to bypass it?
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ESXi510-201412101-SG from the patch portal is Build Number: 2323236

which is commonly known as ESXi 5.5 U3

So what is the current build number of your ESXi 5.5, which can be found, in the Summary Page when checked with vSphere Client.

PowerCLI, why not use the

VMware Community Pack

or use RV Tools -

Both will report the Build Number!