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Outlook Contacts Searching

Hi Experts,

When searching in contacts using the word "United" all contacts come up because of United states is listed in the country address. So If were searching for United Airlines it comes up with every contact. Also, if you search for your last name all contacts come up, must be some metadata or field in the backend causing this. If I want to search my last name and have the contacts of family members come up it doesn't. You can imagine users who have thousands of contacts where this can be an issue. The twist is, when I add the user contacts to my outlook and search I get the search results I want, searching for United bring up relevant contacts instead of the United states contacts. Any assistance would be great. Thanks.
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The user does not want to use advanced find. Just typing in united he wants the one contact that has united airlines, but it brings up every contact that has united states as the country.
try changing the address book sequence?

can you provide me a real example, ? (like 5 of them and mention how the result been shows?)
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Sorry for the delay, I am going to try and get a screen shot and show you the example. Thanks.
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Advanced find did work as well as adding the full name field to the search. The user was satisfied with that solution. Thanks.