2 Different Xeon Processors in SBS 2011 HP Proliant ML350 G6

Can anyone please give me advice on the following...

I have come across an HP ProLiant ML350 G6 E5620 1P 6GB-R P410i/256 460W RPS Tower Server with SBS 2011 installed.

I discovered that the Server (which works) has 2 different processors installed on the motherboard.

The pre installed processor is CPU E5620 2.40Ghz Xeon, the additional processor installed is a E5645 @ 2.40Ghz Xeon. Yes the processors are similar but they are not the same. I am surprised this server installed ok but it is running... mostly.

The POST confirms the different processors.

I have had some occasional problems with this server... Exchange crashes and IIS issues which have been difficult to pin down. I had an experienced engineer take a look at the config and he could only find minor issues with the config that he wouldnt attribute to the difficulties we have had.

I wonder what issues if any are created but the processor mismatch... can anyone shed some light on this? Why is it working? Will it be causing issues? Can I replace the "rogue" (lol) processor or will this require an OS reinstall.

Thanks for your help
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Sajid Shaik MSystem AdminCommented:

to find the exact reason check the mini dump  

u can use the fillowing link to find the instant result of analysis.


pload your mini dump to this site and wach.. or else post the minidump to analyze.

all the best
sfabsAuthor Commented:
HI, thanks for your reply, but not really what I'm looking for. I have had 1 or 2 errors on the server over the last 6 months but it could be coincidence.

I would like to know why it is working... i didnt think you could have 2 different processors in a server, will there be any negatives from these 2 different processors? can i replace the processor safely without rebuilding the OS?
Yes ,you can replace it without a rebuild..
Pick which one you want to keep
Make sure you pair it with a CPU of the same stepping rev

Get the diag here to check out the stepping info..



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sfabsAuthor Commented:
Hi Thank you for your comment

I will look to source one of the processors and the same stepping and revision as you said. Replace the processor and let you know how it goes...
sfabsAuthor Commented:
Yes ,you can replace it without a rebuild..
Pick which one you want to keep
Make sure you pair it with a CPU of the same stepping rev

Hello, I have used the CPUID software you recommended to get the stepping and revision but I can't tell how I would specify this when ordering a new processor? we have chosen the processor we want to keep and ordered the SAME part number from HP (should the exact same part number not provide the same stepping and revision)?

I have scheduled the downtime for next weekend where I will replace the processor, just to confirm you believe the OS (windows SBS2011) will have no problem booting once the processor is replaced? Im obviously a little worried about the dreaded blue screen of death and taking out the server...

thank you for your help so far
Nothing is 100%.

Easiest thing to do is remove the processor you are getting rid of, and boot.

Make sure all firmware on the system is up to date.

This reacts intimately with the processors and their stepping codes.

To be truthful  ,you probably have more CPU power than you need.

Usually with processors of the multi core design ,you need apps that use those cores to spread the processing of a multi threaded app around.

If it doesn't work right,you get what is referred to as a race condition.

The only apps you have on SBS that can take advantage of this, are Exchange and SQL.
sfabsAuthor Commented:
I am trying the processor switch on Sunday so will update afterwards
sfabsAuthor Commented:
Thank you!!! and well done, absolutely correct, replaced the processor and server is fine, thank you for your help
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