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How to map SQL query results to a provided XSD file in SQL Server 2008 R2

Hi Experts,


I am running MS SQL SERVER 2008 R2.  I need to map my query results to a provided XSD file.  I did not create the XSD file and it does not look like the file was generated with my DB structure in mind.


1. How can I map the results of my SQL query to this XSD ?
2. Are there any Visual Tools for accomplishing this task more easily?
3. Do I need to register/import this XSD file into my DB?
4. Do I have to do anything special in my SQL query (aside from actually composing it) to get the resulting XML to validate?
5. Can anyone point me to a small understandable example of this sort of process?

Any help is much appreciated.
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Theo KouwenhovenApplication Consultant

Hi EddieIT,

afaik, it's not possible to create an xml without mapping it.
Automatic mapping is no option, because te structure of Xml/xsd files are (mostly) quite complex, while sql output is flat.
To map this data, you need to import the xsd into a tool that makes it possible to create an object from the xsd an the sub structures.
Now a sql recordset can be mapped....
e.g. for an order item, it could look like:

we use for this kind of mapping XBintegrator.... (check www.invenso.com)
But i'm sure there are more tools like this...
Senior Developer
Just output your XML and use an appropriate XSLT stylsheet to create the desired output. This can be done in SSIS with a XML Task. E.g. XML Source - Making things easier with XSLT.