network setup

looking for the best way to setup a network for our proposed retail space.  we have a modem with 5 ip addresses from our provider.  how should we come out from that device to setup:

   1. our point of sale system behind a sonicwall device.
   2. our office computers on their own wired and wireless network
   3. public wifi
   4 a dvr or our security cameras that can be accessed (via port forward?) over the internet from home etc,

can someone lay out a schematic of what devices (switches/routers etc) should be implemented in what order from the modem to best achieve this?

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Greg HejlPrincipal ConsultantCommented:
Here's a quick diagram
WAN>>>>>>>>>>>>X1 Soniwall>>>X0 LAN - switch - Desktops and wireless AP for office, DVR can live here
                                                       >>>X2 LAN - switch - POS

                                                       >>>X3 Public - switch - Guest Wireless AP

                                                       >>>X4  DMZ - DVR

If you use sonicpoints you can run VLAN's in a sonicwall port and run Virtual AP's for guest and LAN access

You can access Sonicwall Documents

You should also brush up on PCI DSS for merchants since you will be running POS
Greg HejlPrincipal ConsultantCommented:
What type of wireless will you be using?  the Sonicpoints?
StewartGilliganAuthor Commented:
not sure, we figured run a separate wireless router.
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StewartGilliganAuthor Commented:
greg, we also have a few more possible locations coming up and someone mentioned a vlan.  why and how would that help?  thanks :-)
Greg HejlPrincipal ConsultantCommented:
VLAN's allow a switch to be used for more than one network.  If you have 40 devices and need 3 separate networks, you could buy one 48 port switch, instead of three 24 port switches.  You use VLAN's to separate the switchports into the different networks you need.

This diagram is pretty close to what you described.
This guy has 3 or more switches on his network and four different networks (one is wireless)
He is not using VLAN's

This diagram shows a VLAN implementation.
Virtual Local Area Network (VLAN) would be programmed into a switch in the network room.
Noyan GonulsenCommented:
I think Greg is bang on and pretty much nailed it.The only thing I would add is to eliminate your single point of failure which would be the switch, if you had 40 devices, I would recommend 2 24 port switches.
StewartGilliganAuthor Commented:
great advice.  thank you :-)
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