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For the program Hard Disk Clone by Miray, Standard edition, does it span to DVDs? Compression levels & praccticality?

For a general mix of program&data files what kind of compression can I expect with this program?   But really is a DVD backup practical  for more than a few gigs?  Aren't the disks kind of temperamental?
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If you use the cheap DVD's then yes the lifespan is rather limited.. you can buy archival dvd's but they are expensive (very).  Some people have been using hard drives for archival but unfortunately hard drives are not made for archival (write then store on a shelf)

then use blue ray -- larger and has error correction like your hard drive, Optical Media is on the comeback.


Ok Thanks.  A guy I listened to years back (Harvey Fishman) like magneto-optical.   Different technology now, but in away on the same track I guess.