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Email Encryption tools

tucktech asked
Hello, can anyone recommend any free encryption tools to use with Outlook?  I have some HIPPA information that I want to send out and it would be good if the message and the attachments are encrypted.  

I know of ZixMail
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Dave BaldwinFixer of Problems
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Encryption requires both the sender and receiver to be using the same encryption methods.
You could try AxCrypt,

I set this up for a couple clients about a year ago.   It allows you to encrypt files into a self-decrypting file container that can be attached and sent through email.   You would need to convey the password to the recipient somehow.   I tested it when i set it up for them and found it very easy to use.     My clients seem to be satisfied with the application, they haven't mentioned any issues.
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pretty good privacy is a good solution.. personally I'd use sharefile.com
Dave HoweSoftware and Hardware Engineer

Outlook has built-in message encryption - but you must first get the RECIPIENT to obtain a email cert (they can get one free here) and send you a signed mail. you can then encrypt mails to them (if you want replies encrypted, do the same process in reverse; go get yourself a cert, send THEM a signed mail)


These options work.  I also understand Trend Micro and other vendors provide similar products.
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btw your public key can be posted anywhere i.e. on a website with no adverse effects it is 'public' and holds no private data