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I'm I'm fairly new to ASP.NET Webforms, but I have a background in Winforms. I would like to create a page with multiple tabs and multiple controls, including gridviews.  From my research I see that there are many ways of accomplishing this task.  I've looked at the Multiview control, the AJAX tab control, JQuery's tab and using ordered lists/CSS with user controls.  I've read different articles where developers mentioned varying performance issues with multiview, AJAX and JQuery. My feeling from what I've read is that the user control approach might give me the least performance issues, but that's why I'm here. I'm looking for guidance in selecting the right approach keeping performance in mind.  Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.
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David Johnson, CD, MVPOwnerCommented:
Every technology has its strengths and weaknesses.  Code using 1 technology and compare it to another technology, the difference may be significant or it may be trivial. Sometimes programmers using a specific technology will look and say 'if I do this' it executes in 1ms but if I use y technology it takes twice as long. the difference though significant has no effect on the users experience. if this procedure was in a loop of 1000 items then this extra 1ms per item may be problematic.

Right now your objective is to get some code working and learning as you go along.  A good for instance is writing in a high level language and writing in assembler. Assembler will usually be smaller in size and execute a lot quicker .. The difference being 10 lines of code vs 10,000 lines of code. The actual user experience may be identical or only measurable using a benchmark..
MikeNY1Author Commented:
Thanks for your response David. I get your point... you're basically saying not to over focus on choosing the "best" technology... Just pick something, go with it and keep learning.
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