Exchange Transport rule to have a mail contact BCC a user whenever anyone emails it

We have all mailboxes in 365 cloud.  We run a hybrid config with an Exchange 2013 Hybrid on prem server.  I created a mail enabled contact Called  I added our vendors external email address so that our users can email for help.  I want to also BCC one of our engineers whenever someone emails this Contact.

I wen to 365 admin-Exchange protal - Mailfow-Rules I created a new rule that states if Recipient is Conferencing@Company.con the BCC

Ive tested but I dont get a bounce back or it coming through to the users mailbox who is to be BCC"d.

Any ideas?
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Simon Butler (Sembee)ConsultantCommented:
If you take the contact out, so the email address doesn't exist, does the rule fire correctly then?
You may have to make the rule fire on the internal address assigned to the contact.

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