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Intranet Server Address Change - Redirect

We have an old Sever 2003 (SRV123) that runs our internal Intranet and statistics software for clients. I am moving this intranet to a 2008R2 server (Web567) due to space issues. The 2003 statistics server will still be in production.

Now all our client users have PCs that default to the Intranet page (http://SRV123) when you launch your browser, Plus they have shortcuts on desktop to http://SRV123.

Now my question is when I move the intranet to the new server (Web567.companyname.local), how can I make the clients shortcuts and browsers redirect to the new server Web567 without changing all the shortcuts and group policy settings on local machines and not affecting the statistics server?

Was hoping this could be done in DNS, maybe CNAME….?
Not sure of the direction I need to take.

We are a 2008 R2 domain with Windows 7 clients.


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Will the existing 2003 Server remain up and active as a Web Server? You could use redirects but I would not suggest it if the Server is to remain up and functional with the same Site name or if it will be accessed again using that name. You should just send out new shortcuts etc.

You can use Group Policy to specify the Home Page of their Internet Explorer Browser easily enough. We can help you with that if needed.
The desktop shortcuts need to be deleted and replaced. My suggestion is that you create one on your desktop and distribute to all staff via email. Tell them to delete the one they have and replace it with the new one - easy enough with almost no time needed to accomplish.
Greg HejlPrincipal Consultant
I would make this into an opportunity to publish a FQDN for the site.  this way it wouldn't matter where it lived, you could always just change DNS.

You could also use GPO to put new shortcut on desktop and/or in IE.

If you use DNS this will change the address of your server on the network, which would affect all port traffic.

I would put a redirect on SVR123 after you move the service over - Post a notice about this on the page as it redirects - give your users a week to get used to the new shortcut/link, then take the old http service down.
FubrIT Admin


Machienet, yes 2003 server will still be up and running (but not as web server). Was kind of wondering about still having the computer name.  

Greg, on the FQDN, do you mean like from GoDaddy?  This site is just used internally (no contact from outside domain). Or are you saying create DNS host record (intranet.companyname.local) for new server?

Probably looking at Group Policy for the Home Pages and emailing out the new shortcuts. At this point sounds like the best bet.

Greg HejlPrincipal Consultant

if you control your local DNS you can make it whatever FQDN you want, just point it to the webservice ip.  so yes, create a DNS host record for the service.  then you can put whatever IP hosts the service.