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Convert Check boxes on LiveCycle Form to Radio Buttons

I have an existing form that has three checkboxes on it for user input.  I need to change them to be radio buttons so only one can be selected at a time.
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Im back to having the same problem as before.  The radio buttons work now as far as the look and selection are concerned.  They are grouped as you outlined above.  But when I test the form none of the items that are calculated based upon the selection show up.
Scratch that.  Everything is working except for the date field.  It should automatically populate with the current date but nothing shows up.
What code are you using for the date field?
I think I have that working too now.  I didn't change anything though so I'm not sure what caused the problem.  When I changed the item values I got a popup window that locked up my pc each time.  I'm not sure what caused that as the error message was just telling me that some items in the list had the same value which is what I was trying to change.  After I got those changed and closed out of everything and went back in it started working again including the date field.  Thanks for the help!