How to journal all email to a public folder

A 3rd party app is requiring us to send a copy of all incoming and outgoing emails to a public folder for processing. I would like to do this by using journaling or setting up a transport rule at the server level. I thought this would be easy but I am having a little trouble figuring out how to do it. We are using Office 365 so perhaps the functionality I am looking for is not there in the web gui. Please advise how I might best implement this.
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Simon Butler (Sembee)ConsultantCommented:
As you are using Office365, you cannot journal to yourself. You can only journal to an on premise server or to an external service (by using an email address).
You need to ask the app vendor if they have a solution for Office365 users, I expect they will not, so you will have to look at a cloud based solution.

This is the guide for configuring journaling on Office365:

pmckenna11Author Commented:
The app runs on site and use each users Outlook to access a shared public folder. The app searches and indexes the emails and associates it with the customer accounts.

What I need is a Carbon copy of all emails sent or received by my users to end up in this shared public folder. I can do it with by settings rules from within each persons Outlook but would prefer to do it at the server level.

After further troubleshooting I found that I had not email enable the public folder. However I have still been unable to get a working rule that will capture test emails and send a copy to the public folder. All the redirection rules I have created seem to be ignored.

I think what I am trying to do should be possible.

BTW since tagging and tracking customer emails was a primary reason for purchasing this software, someone should have had me investigate the functionality before making the purchase. The software company says this is the only way to track email but will offer no support on setting it up. This seems like an total kludge that cannot be maintained over the long run.
Simon Butler (Sembee)ConsultantCommented:
Office365 will see that as an attempt to journal, which is not allowed. That is why your rules are not working.

Sounds like a typical salesman purchase/driven project. Only look at the functionality, not how it works in the background.

It sounds like you need a proper CRM application, this, as you said, sounds like a kludge.

pmckenna11Author Commented:
Thanks Simon. I understand now.

The company sells a large suite of Accountant oriented software packages. This is their CRM solution which they have created to interface with all their accounting and tax preparation software. POS! I am trying to set this thing up for a very small office. How this would ever scale I have no idea.

Thanks for the explanation.
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