Toshiba portege laptop LAN driver not working

I recently installed windows 7 on a Toshiba Portege R930, so far I had download LAN drivers from the Toshiba site but no luck. Can’t someone help? I’ll appreciated
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JohnBusiness Consultant (Owner)Commented:
Did this machine come with Windows 7?  If not, what did it come with?

Windows 7 and most Windows before and after have built in LAN drivers that have always worked for me.

What does Device Manager say about the LAN card?  Is it working?
narce100Author Commented:
That's always been the case with few exceptions, the computer was working well before the system had a problem and I had to reinstall windows. I'm pretty sure this computer came with windows 7. Below is a print of device manager.Capture.PNGCapture.PNGCapture.PNG
Did you install the chipset drivers before anything else and reboot before trying the rest of the drivers? The chipset drivers are always the most important, as everything else depends on that working properly.
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JohnBusiness Consultant (Owner)Commented:
Agree, and you should check ALL your drivers because you have WAY too many driver problems.

You need Wireless, Wired, and Bluetooth drivers, possibly Audio (Bluetooth).
And all of those are typical when chipset drivers are missing or incorrect. Although chipset drivers are included to some extend with the OS, an i7 which your PC uses, is much newer than Windows 7 SP1, so the chipset won't be automatically included, that will only be the case for older hardware.
narce100Author Commented:
I just installed the system driver but that didn't make any difference, there's nothing under chip drivers in the tochiba web site.
JohnBusiness Consultant (Owner)Commented:
You might contact Toshiba Support and ask to purchase Recovery DVD's. These will be very modestly priced and likely do a much better job.
narce100Author Commented:
I already did but they want $100 dlls for a one time support case and over $200 for a one year subscription, this the only toshiba computer we have and paying that kind of many for drivers that in all other cases you can simply download from any other manufacturer site does not make much sence.
JohnBusiness Consultant (Owner)Commented:
You are caught in a trap. Third party drivers do not always work. I simply do not trust them. Lenovo sells recovery DVD's for about $30 without a paid support case.

I would be inclined to escalate at Toshiba and tell them the hard drive is suspect and you need a new drive. They need to provide for that.
Look at the windows sticker on the bottom or under the battery. What OS does it say?
I've checked the Toshiba site, and there are chipset drivers for the portege r930. But there are many models of that PC, so depending on your exact model they may be different. Besides that, Toshiba, if I'm not mistaken, has models that are specific to the country they are sold in, and their website is localized. So if you look on the wrong country site you might not find your model, and therefor not your drivers.

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try this :
if you have  unknown devices in device manager, you can use this procedure to identify them :

1- visit the motherboard manufacturers support site, for downloading drivers
2- use windows update >optional updates to find them

3- Start>Programs>Accessories>System Tools>System Information.
Now select  "Components" and highlight "Problem Devices".
All hardware devices with a driver problem will be listed here.
Make a note of the first line of the PNP Device ID line of the entry. It will show a Vendor number and a Device number (VENxxxxDEVxxxx) both four digits long.
Look up those numbers here:

This will tell you the manufacturer and the chip number.  
Check the manufacturer's website first or google them - or post them here

4- If your LAN is running, you can also use windows update> optional drivers, or  use slimdrivers :
narce100Author Commented:
OK, rindi is right, I went to the Toshiba site in china and found the correct driver this computer I found out was purchase in China through e-bay. Thank you all.
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