touchpad trouble

i have a toshiba satellite laptop running WIN7.  

the touchpad on it is lousy but usually i just plugin a mouse to obviate the problem as my experience is that most laptop touchpads are lousy.  i was also told by a friend who had similar problems, tech support ultimately told her she was out of luck.

but lately i'm on the road without access to a desk so i can't use a mouse.  about half the time it works reasonably.  but sometimes clicking has no effect.  and the pad is often slow & frequently unresponsive. i have to use tabs or other keys to get the cursor to re-engage.

i checked that the driver is updated. i have disabled & re-enabled it. i uninstalled the driver & re-installed it.  anything else i can do? or is this just 'state of the art'?

everything else about the machine is up to date & in good working order (it's only 6 months old anyway)
Martin DDigital Privacy CoachAsked:
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It sounds like it could be the touchpad itself. Especially if you tried newest drivers. Have you looked up the cost to replace? Just the pad might not be pricy.
The touchpad drivers usually have settings in the control panel where you can change a lot of things, like sensitivity, speeds, edge scrolling etc. You may just have to play around with those settings until you get the best response for your needs.
Dung TrinhMarching Band Field CrewCommented:
You can bring it to tech support to check. But I doubt that the problem is from the pad. You can change the setting of the pad's sensitivity in the control panel if it make using the pad easier. Normally the pad is not break easily
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Martin DDigital Privacy CoachAuthor Commented:
the sensitivity etc works fine when it works.  the problem is consistency: it doesn't function half the time.
since it is only 6 months old - turn it in for warranty repair!
But the consistency can also be caused by badly set options in those settings.

Another thing that can sometimes cause problems is the humidity, temperature, how moist your fingers are or the condition of your skin. Maybe sometimes a trackball would be a better option for you rather than a mouse:
i always use my wife's fingers...
If under warranty I would take it in. It doesn't sound like drivers or settings if it works fine half the time. Sounds like a hardware issue.
I don't believe it is a warranty case. But as I mentioned above, it can be caused by the environment. I've particularly seen people who have very dry or horny skin, having problems with touchpads. So it can be caused by the environment. Usually when someone else uses it he has no problems.
if that's the case- it should be easy to test
Martin DDigital Privacy CoachAuthor Commented:
working on the troubleshooter & playing with the settings
Martin DDigital Privacy CoachAuthor Commented:
last night the touch pad failed completely, as did the keyboard although they both work fine in safe mode.  i could not find a virus.
then i would install windows again, after a backup
you can do that from cd's if you have them, or do a factory restore
Martin DDigital Privacy CoachAuthor Commented:
toshiba support was useless for the second time.  

but i checked the drivers again and a second touchpad driver had appeared since my last visit.  i installed the ELAN driver instead of the Synaptics driver and the touchpad is now working.

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Martin DDigital Privacy CoachAuthor Commented:
nothing else worked
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