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Could you check if this PC motherboard could manage 8 GB?

Hi Experts!

I'm using a 05 years old desktop that works fine.
But now I'm needing an extra RAM.

Accordingly with this AIDA report, could you check if its motherboard, and other components could manage 8 GB RAM?

I'm planning to change the actual  02 x 02 GB memory cards to 02 x 04 GB.

Thanks in advance !
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Dung TrinhMarching Band Field Crew

Yes. You can upgrade your computer. In general, there are few steps you can do:

- Check the maximum amount of memory your system supports from the manufacturer's site and then the total number of slots.
- Divide the max memory with the number of slots you will get the max per slot limit. So based on these you can find the right memory.

I notice your model is Foxconn M61PMV Series. You have two sockets. On . It said maximum supported RAM is 4GB so it can definitely manage 8GB in total
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Although there is 4GB DDR2 RAM available, I've never used them and even if the specs of the board say you can use those, you should insist to be able to test the modules before you buy them. Most PC shops allow you to do that if you bring the PC in. I've often seen problems with RAM modules not working on a board although they should have done so.

Besides that, 4GB DDR2 modules are pretty expensive, it may be more economical to get a board with more slots so you can use 4x2GB modules, or maybe even one that supports DDR3 modules, as those are less expensive than DDR2.
Dung TrinhMarching Band Field Crew
You can use http://www.crucial.com/ to check the available RAM that is suitable for your model. It allow you to choose model and output the options.
Lee W, MVPTechnology and Business Process Advisor
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Keep in mind you MUST be using a 64 bit operating system to take advantage of memory greater than 4 GB.  The file you attached is not clear as to what version of Windows you are running.

Also, Crucial is a good place to go as suggested by Dung Trinh, but SOMETIMES you can exceed the specs installing larger modules of the type (DDR2) supported by your system.  You want to make sure you update the BIOS before hand though.  And if it doesn't work, you could simply be out the cost of the modules.  

Upgrading the motherboard doesn't make sense in my opinion since it would require a LOT of work and potentially a new copy of Windows.  A new computer might be a better solution.
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NO ... you cannot install 4GB modules.   At least not according to the specifications.

Both Newegg and Crucial ... who are generally very reliable (especially Crucial) show that this board supports a maximum of 4GB of memory using two 2GB modules.

It IS possible that they are both incorrect ... I've seen cases where a board will indeed support larger modules than the specifications indicate -- but if you're going to try that be sure the modules you buy are returnable :-)
You can install a maximum of 4 GB only and that DDR2 only with frequency up to 1066.
Eduardo FuerteDeveloper and Analyst


After Reading your replies I concluded it's not a good solution to expand memory in this case.
It's better to purchase another PC with needed specifications.
Thank you.