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How to stop P2P trafic in cisco router 2811

Manojtanwar asked
I am using opendns but p2p downloading is still continue because some user download the task from home and start in torrent software its show port block but i see its downloading. can i block the p2p traffic in cisco router 2811

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Nico EismaSenior Network Engineer

Unfortunately it would be very difficult to block p2p traffic on a router. This is mainly because torrent can use random ports and users can just adjust the port that torrent is using. So blocking/filtering would be very difficult.

An alternative approach is to apply QoS (quality of service) on your traffic. Prioritize traffic or give enough bandwidth for approved applications (http, https, etc.) while giving less or minimal bandwidth to non-approved application. With this approach you'll have to employ Cisco NBAR for detection of peer to peer traffic then applying a very low bandwidth limit.
Senior Network Engineer
Here is an already answered question in EE, regarding configuring QoS using NBAR and blocking bit torrent traffic.

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