Permissions error trying to install SQL Server reporting services 2014

Hi all

I have a new notebook running Windows 8.1. Office 2013 installed without error. I have been trying to install SQL Server 2014 (including Reporting Services. SQL Services and analysis services installed OK. Reporting services just keeps failing right at the very end with error Updating permission setting on 'C:\Windows\Temp' failed. The folder permission setting were supposed to be set to 'D:(A;OICI;0x1200af;;;S-1-5-80-2885764129-88777008-271615777-1616004480-2722851051)'.
Error  code 0x84CF0003

It then suggests a link to follow - useless as it just says Sorry, there is no additional information!

I have only got one login (local for this notebook) - it has administrator, domain administrator rights. I've uninstalled reporting services, reinstalled using run as administrator, have tried making the login owner of the folder 'C:\Windows\Temp'. I reduce UAC to its lowest level. Nothing appears to help.

Has anyone got any ideas? The notebook is fully patched. SQL Server 2014 was downloaded from MS as part of my Action Pack subscription and the installation files are on the notebook.

Any thoughts, as I'm clean out of ideas.

Thanks in advance

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Kelvin SparksAsked:
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Have you tried to run setup "as administrator" ? (right-click and select the "run as administrator" option).

Also, I think if you install SQL-Express edition it should be installed on Windows 8, but I don't think you can install Standard or Enterprise editions on a non-server operating system.
Kelvin SparksAuthor Commented:
As I said above

reinstalled using run as administrator.

Have been thinking regarding you last comment and wondering about that. The version I have is Enterprise. Looking online. Enterprise is server only, Standard will go onto 8.1 and will Express. Guess that was my issue!
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