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Remote desktop not seeing user folder on the server

The server is running SBS 2011 on which are the users files in the FolderRedirection folder as part of the default installation. For network users this is fine, no issues, everything works seamlessly.

The problem occurs when remote workers connect via RDC to the remote server. Instead of seeing their folders when they log into the server they see only the user folder on the rdc server, i.e. C:\User\MyDocs

When I try to add the FolderRedirection to the users accounts on the remote server I get an error, see attached. It seems it is something to do with permissions on the folderredirection folder itself?

The result I'm trying to achieve for my remote users is when they log in, they see their normal desktop and their files are displayed in the My Documents folder.

1 Solution
David Johnson, CD, MVPOwnerCommented:
that tells me that folder redirection is not set up properly.
Your libraries will not connect to it or index it because it *is* a network location -- this is normal behavior.

But -- are you absolutely sure it is not being redirected?  Have them login, and check their registry (HKU\{sid}\software\microsoft\windows\currentversion\explorer\user shell folders\Desktop) and see what the path is.  It's highly probably that redirection is working just fine while the library is not.

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