How can I update Google Spreadsheet using Visual Studio?

I'd like to know if there is a way to updating a google spreadsheet using Visual studio. I mean that I have to update the file daily exporting data to google spreadsheet from a query.
The problem is to have the empy file before exporting data in it. I've found Rssbus google sheets Connection manager, which works fine, but it can delete one row by one, which is impossible to use in my case.

Any suggestion?
Thank you
Progold S.p.A.IT ManagerAsked:
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Randy DownsOWNERCommented:
Try this

Connecting .NET applications to Google has never been easier. The Google Spreadsheet Data Provider offers complete read-write access to Google Spreadsheets, through an easy to use Data Provider interface that every .NET developer is familiar with.

Install RSSBus ADO.NET Provider for Google Spreadsheets
Connect & Select Data
The Google Spreadsheet Data Provider effectively makes Google Spreadsheets look exactly like a database to your applications. If you want to integrate your applications with Google Spreadsheets and you have ever written Transact-SQL, then Google Spreadsheet Data Provider is definitely for you!
Progold S.p.A.IT ManagerAuthor Commented:
Any idea?
I'd like to know any way to update automatically a google spreadsheet with the results from a query in SQL 2005 (daily)
Thank you
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