Windows Server 2008 R2 DHCP out of addresses

I have a class C network that has grown.  I am at the point that I am very low on available DHCP Ip addresses.  We have a lot of routers, switches... and I do not want to change the subnet to a B at this time.  I configured a VLAN and now I have been manually putting devices like printers.. on the new network that I created.

My question;  Now that the network will also function on my network, what do I need to do in the DHCP server to have it give out addresses as well as  Do I need a new scope or multiscope?  Do I just create another DHCP server on the network on a different server?

Thank you
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Nick RhodeIT DirectorCommented:
Add another scope to the server but the DHCP server has to be able to see that network.  Honestly I would have just increase your subnet block.  I just recently went from a to a  This way I have an entire scope dedicated to DHCP while my original block holds all my static devices (Printers, Cameras, Servers, Network equipment).  Only thing you really have to do is update your static devices.

So for example my static range is -
DHCP range is now -
Subnet is so now both can communicate to each other.

It honestly makes it easier and organized so you can use that range for blocks of static IPs.  

For instance - is for Servers - is for Printers etc
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