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For any who follow ITIL procedures, is there any specific best practice for this situation. Our IT section have a number of file servers with limited storage capacity (around 1TB). However, they are constantly running towards capacity, i.e. >90% free space. I know the quick answer is "add more space", but that may too fill relatively quickly. Does ITIL give any specific guidance on such situations on how to manage such an issue properly? Id be amazed if ITIL just said "add more space every time it fills"... these are all windows VM's on SAN storage running windows server 2008 R2
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Andrew Hancock (VMware vExpert / EE MVE^2)VMware and Virtualization ConsultantCommented:
ITIL is a framework for IT Service, so how different organisations implement it, is different.

It is not software or hardware specific,

But common sense, normally prevails, and we ensure that we ALWAYS have 20-30% free on the volume, which is presented, and we MONITOR daily, and at the beginning of EVERY DAY, we go through a 200 point checklist, which takes Operators approx 3 hours to complete, one of these points is Space on volumes, which is measured using a traffic light system, Red, Amber, Green.

If an Amber Situation occurs, a Support Request is raised to Third Line Support, to increase volume space.

Does your organisation  have any five year capacity management program on growth of data a month ?

e.g. how much data is changed in 1 month, and therefore, 12 x this amount is, what you will need in 12 months, and over five years ..... etc it's this....

so therefore you will need to purchase xGB/TB of data!
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