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Printer Driver Issue

I am finding Windows 2008 R2 struggles to find the x86 drivers when trying to add them into 'additional drivers' on the sharing tab.

Tried numerous drivers and keep getting the pop up message:-

"The specified location does not contain the driver XXXXXXXXXXXXXX Series PCL for the requested processor architecture"

I have omitted the printer name with XXXXXXXXXXXXX in this case.
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The print server must have both x86 and x64 drivers to be able to serve them to clients. The driver for the architecture of the server can be installed the usual way. The driver for the other architecture must be installed from a computer using that same architecture. You then need to open the "Printers" share on your print server from that other computer and add the driver in the server properties.
Server 2008 R2 is strictly 64bit.  What you would do is cheat by downloading (Regular) Server 2008 32bit and 64bit drivers and install those instead.  The drivers for server 2008 will work just fine.
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My resolution sorted the problem