Good Replacement for iPrism Device

We currently use an appliance from Edgewave called iPrism for our web filtering. It's a nice device and does pretty much what it's supposed to do. However, I am looking for a more full featured web protection device/service that will do basic URL filtering, evaluate web sites for malware and perhaps even do some bonnet filtering in or out of our network. We would prefer something in the cloud -although not opposed to another appliance - and something that would allow us to also protect remote users on laptops when they surf without having to force them to connect to our network with a VPN.

Please I only want responses from experts who have actually used the devices/services that you think are good replacements for this. Don't point me to a web site or white paper on something you have no experience on.
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btanExec ConsultantCommented:
Bluecoat ProxySG (either transparent or explicit mode) is one worth going into esp if you are looking at more Web granular category (up to 4 cat per URL) , that helps in the policy enforcement when nowadays website is getting to diverse especially those social media type/streaming sites. We may want to block specific micro subsite of its web apps but not the whole site (facebook photo but not facebook as whole). It can do SSL decryption too (they called it encryption tap, and can hand over to other appliance for deep scanning though they do have it too but not ProxySG forte per se). I see as crucial since most site now is SSL based (including most web email) ...

They also give the enforcement also to action user can be granted to like able to post messages but not upload files or video. May apply for use like web email too for some organisation. It can generate report though I believe this is basic req for all such security appliance - it does drill flexibility into usage detail in the report if needed. Otherwise, it also does IP reputation check (have local db and the WebPulse online cloud from its many global sensor for the suspected/blacklisted IP). It can do some AV scan but better off to work in sync (via ICAP) with its other like its own ProxyAV for scanning of malware of the file download or upload they gotten Norman shark and can subscript other like Sophos etc). Its smallest box go for 5K user licences and have VM platform if you into deploying into cloud itself..

.probably another candidate contender is Websense Webfilter which also does white/blacklisting using combined local database and their online sitereview system. but the "challenges" for both can be the cost per se. Other common one is own built squid with dans guardian, clam AV in Ubuntu (or other Linux) box.

by the way, for the BC, you should be looking at the Proxy Edition that is having the security feature instead of the MACH5. There is actually 60 trial licence, with user limit is unlimited when it first come with box before full licence is installed..Demo licence can be demanded if required.

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jhyieslaAuthor Commented:
Thank you for your input, I'll look into these products.
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