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I am looking at a workstation station running Office 2010 connect to her Office 356 account. Down the left she has 4 other user's data files opened. I right click one and select close and it comes back and tells me to click on Files=Account and remove the account. The only account there is the one for this user so I definitely don't want to remove that one account. I simple want to close one of the other four mailboxes she has opened.

   The only think I can think is that the other four mailboxes are set to open automatically. Set somewhere online. Where can I see where she automatically opens the other four accounts when she opens hers? I tried logging in to the web portal as her and couldn't find it. It must be somewhere....
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John EastonDirectorCommented:
With any exchange account you can open additional mailboxes.

If you go to the list of accounts and select Change, you will get a pop up.  Click More Settings at the bottom, then on the Advanced tab you should see the list of additional mailboxes.  You can then remove them from this list.

Hope that helps.
Nick RhodeIT DirectorCommented:
That typically happens when a user gets assigned Full Access through exchange.  By default it auto-maps the mailbox to the account which is why it keeps appearing.  I assign Full Access through exchange powershell with the auto-map set to false.
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