Limit VPN to company owned devices

Client is requesting I set up RRAS on it's own vlan and only allow company owned devices to connect. Mostly Galaxy S4s and an ipad or two. I have set up the vlan and VPN but am unsue of how to limit it to company owned cell phones.
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btanExec ConsultantCommented:
the post uses static range and pre-shared key, certificate based vpn will be preferred for greater security
configure Windows Server 2008 R2’s NPS/RRAS role to host L2TP/IPsec connections which will allow iPads and iPhones to connect securely into your Windows infrastructure without the need for additional client software.
bbaoIT ConsultantCommented:
the most simple way to record these company devices' MAC addresses and only these devices to be allowed on the VLAN, or wireless AP, or RRAS (NAP based filtering required). you may choose one according to your current network and devices.
mikeydoddAuthor Commented:
So do it via DCHP reservations?
mikeydoddAuthor Commented:
Thanks. I was making this harder that it needed to be.
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