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Sonicwall nsa 220 internet speed

I'm using Sonicwall NSA 220 at work, for some reasons the speed on the LAN port (X0) is about 10m-15m slower than the WAN port (X1).
On the WAN port it's about 30M but the LAN port it's about 13M and this is very consistent speed.
Does anyone know what settings I need to check or change in the Sonicwall NSA 220?
any help would much appreciated.
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Santosh Gupta

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I updated the firmware to 5.9.07-17o and it helps a little with download but not upload.
download used to be about 13M and now it's 19M after the 5.9 firmware update. but upload is still the same, on the WAN it's about 11M but on the LAN it's about 4M.
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I increase the Bandwidth Management from 20M to 50M (since I have 50M with the ISP) of the X1 (WAN) port.
I also replace the switch where the X1 (WAN) plug in to.
That speeds up the the download and upload.
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