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Excel Based Polling Solution

hi Experts, i'm trying to pull together an excel based solution (though I'm open to other software) that will help me gather information at a polling booth for an upcoming event.

We will have 4 to 6 laptops set up on which I'd like to have a spreadsheet, or an infoPath form, open to collect customer feedback - it will be a mix of multiple choice questions, ranking of options, and open feedback.  I'd like the user to complete the form and click a "submit" button.  That button would send the data to a central spreadsheet stored on SharePoint (or a SharePoint List) which would then update some charts in real-time.  The charts will be displayed on a screen behind the booth so that the customers can instantly see impact of their feedback.

I'm suggesting Excel because I'm comfortable with VBA and SharePoint, but as I mentioned, if there is something else out there - more than happy to entertain better suggestions.
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there are several ways to do this.  A SharePoint list with an InfoPath form and an Excel report on the list data is one option. Another possibility is an Excel Online survey, which can be set up from OneDrive. These are easy to set up and automatically gather the data in an Excel file, which could contain reports, etc.

Here is a link to a blog post from Microsoft introducing Excel Surveys when OneDrive was still called SkyDrive, and a more recent walkthrough: Surveys in Excel, hosted online

Let me know if that helps.

cheers, teylyn


thanks a bunch - this is working very well for me.  I wound up using the SharePoint Survey as my company does not have the excel survey installed for OneDrive... I then set up a VBA in my excel book to refresh every 30 seconds so my dashboard is pretty much real time.