How do i find out which physical disk is my E: drive in windows 2012 machine

I have Dell Poweredge R720 with 8 hard drives and when i look at the my computer window, in this server which has windows 2012, I see 8 letter drives C:,E:,F:,G:,H:,I,:M:L:
They are swap-able drives so i want to take out the E: drive only out of the server and do not touch the rest of the drives because i have programs running in the other 7 drives that i cannot turn off. Please help me what type of software i need to use in order to be able do this task. i already try to use dell server administrator but in the interface it does not give which physical drive is the e: drive.
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Not a Dell person, but in HP smart Array you can blink a hard drive.  I thought you could in the old Poweredge's I used to have.
Cholo123Author Commented:
yes i can blink them but in the dell server administrator interface it does not tell me which physical disk is the e: drive(see the attached screenshot). All 8 drives are the same size and same brand so i cannot tell who is who, please help
Cholo123Author Commented:
here is attached screenshot sorry.
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What a strange setup! Normally you would have RAID arrays setup in a server, and so drive letters wouldn't be associated to a single disk, but rather to at least two of them. That's what you have hot-swappable caddies and and RAID controllers for.
Don't see a screenshot.
Hopefully everything is backed up.
The first drive should be the OS??
Not much fun, but off hours you could start pulling them out one by one to see when E: goes offline.
Each one should go offline quickly, then put it back and wait several minutes until synched again and the try the next.
If you really have that strange setup without RAID, then first make sure nothing accesses your E disk. Then open diskmanagement, select the disk that is E, right click it (where the Disks are listed with "Disk 0, Disk1 etc", and click on offline.

That should cause that disk to not show any LED activity on the server.
David Johnson, CD, MVPOwnerCommented:
with today's technology it is getting difficult to see which drive is which.
Diskmgmt.msc or diskpart can show you which disk (drive #) windows thinks it is.

There are 4 million combinations that you can configure the cables another 4 million ways of changing the bios disk order.. we haven't even touched the 'drive letter' which except for the system volume can be changed at any time.

You might want to get the hard drive manufacturers drive utility.

Conclusion: In the off hours or your next maintenance window you will have to remove each drive enclosure individually and then see what changes and label that enclosure appropriately .. or if in raid blink each drive and then label accordingly.  Same with each SATA/SAS cable end

All of this should have been done during the system installation ..
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Cholo123Author Commented:
thanks everybody. i thought there would be some type software out there that could create mapping between windows name to actual physical disk and make them blink but guess not.
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