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Exchange 2013 transport queue issues

Hello Experts,

I have a customer who recently had some issues with delayed inbound/outbound email issues. Client disabled a third party application, and reclaim disk space for C drive, and it seems like the delayed email issues are gone, however, client is experiencing the following

The current issue seems to be resolved, however on the  server the c:\PF\MS\Exch\V15\TransportRoles\data\Queue\mail.que file is stuck at 7GB
I have tried stopping and starting transport service, but not rebooting the server.

Client is using two MBXs servers in a DAG, and two CAS servers

Any ideas?
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Any updates?
Domain Architect
- Check your application log first.
- make sure Antivirus services was stoped during the trublshoot
- try to stop transport service and move the queue folder to another drive

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the article above refers to Exchange 2010, can you please attach a new one for the Exchange 2013 version?

Thanks in advance