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Security+ Certification-How Long To Study and Pass

I'd like to get some ideas on how long it takes to study and pass the Security+ exam. I've been in IT for over 16 years, as an administrator, support person, UNIX admin, blah blah. So not a noob.

Your thoughts will be greatly appreciated.

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CompTIA Security+ is a fairly easy exam - the only thing that I found to be quite unexpected on it was having to know the types of fire extinguishers (A - wood and paper, B - chemicals, C - electrical, D - explosive). I had a strong networking background and a few years on-the-job operational security training and prepared by just reading through a Security+ book once. If memory serves me right, the only challenging things on the exam were "opinion" questions (to the tune of "what is considered to be the most common attack targeting end-users" with more than one answers that could fit, depending on the industry sector) and situational scenarios, where you had to read a theoretical setup and provide a response on the best ways to address them (the wording was sometimes confusing).

To be honest, I let my Security+ lapse, because CompTIA is now trying to get into the big leagues by changing all of their certifications to "Continued Education" -  you can no longer renew them by passing a recertification exam, instead you have to pay annual "maintenance" fees and collect CPE credits in order to maintain them. Maybe if they were at CISSP level, I would bother, but I just let it lapse and if I need it again in the future, I'll just write the exam again.

Good luck on the exam! Don't forget that you can skip questions (and mark them to review later, I believe) and get back to them after - so don't get hung up on the ones that you find challenging - just skip and move on to the next ones, do the hard ones at the end. You get plenty of time to go through all of them twice (it's been a few years, but I believe you get 90 minutes for the exam and I was able to finish in under an hour).


Thanks. But how long does it take to study? Is it a month? 4 months?
It took me about two weeks to read the book in the evenings and do the practice exams at the end of each chapter, to prepare. So I'd say a week or two, maybe a month if you can only do it in your spare time. Full time studying, it can be done in under a week. It's not a difficult test.


Thanks!! Are there tasks you have to demonstrate during the exam?
No, unless they changed something recently, it's just multiple choice. You know your score right after completion.